Your Black And White Photos: The Guide To Success

Among all the photographers, professionals or amateurs you ask about black and white photos, there will be more who value them positively than not. Whether for the taste for the old, at the request of the client or simply for their tastes, black and white are one of the most used resources in modern photography, above any other effect. Now let’s see why this effect is so effective and famous.

Why Take Black And White Photos?

  1. Zero Distractions

Color in a photo, believe it or not, is a distraction that can make you lose sight of the subject of the photograph. This is something that black and white photos do not suffer from, and is one of the main reasons they are used.

To give you an idea, imagine a portrait taken on the street, with a shot of your perfect model, but in the background, a car, a poster, or any element of a colorful color appears. Check out Automatically, the rest of the photo is in the background, and the view goes directly to that point, which is why it is said to distract the gaze.

  1. Add Drama

Contrast is drama, and nothing is more contrasting than a black and white photo with areas ranging from pure black to pure white. Always remember that the darker the shadows in your photo, the more the highlights will stand out, which means an increase in contrast.

This is much more appreciated in photographs with very marked lighting, in which the two ends are joined, giving the photo as much force as possible, leaving the shadows to tell the story.

  1. Enhance Beauty

In any beauty session you do, no matter the location, the race of your model or the style of the photo, black and white will provide a beautiful balance of tones between the deepest black and the brightest white. Visit

Makeup no longer stands out in the photo; it becomes a gradient between grays on the skin. Small imperfections and changes in skin tone become almost imperceptible, and above all, the black and white in a beauty photo enhance the features of your model.