What Really The RFID wristbands Offer

The RFID wristband offers the same function as a MIFARE PVC card, being easier to use in certain environments: sports club, swimming pool, spa, beach, Water Park. The personalized wristband, in silicone or PVC, is a very fashionable, pleasant-to-use means of identification, as well as a marketing tool. The event bracelet also serves as an identifier in cashless payment systems.

Silicone RFID Wristband

A3M offers a watch-shaped RFID wristband. This identification bracelet integrates a chip and a 13.56 Mhz radio frequency antenna, which allows communication with an RFID reader and the access control system while providing a good reading distance.

Aquatic Center RFID Wristband

The RFID wristbands for events replace the identification card in applications where comfort is a fundamental criterion: sports club, gym, beach, Water Park, swimming pool, leisure center. The bracelet with NFC chip is waterproof and resistant to humidity even in prolonged stays.

RFID Wristband Technology

It manufactures various RFID technologies in the form of a bracelet. 125Khz proximity bracelet with read-only EM4102 chip, bracelet with MIFARE ® chip 13.56Mhz of 1k of memory in reading and writing … They allow the reading of the bracelet in radio frequency readers for access control installed in doors, in lathes access or even motorized walkways .

Advantages of RFID Wristband Technology

The advantages of the RFID wristband system are, on the one hand, security (secure identification of the person without risk of data entry error) and speed (simply bring the wristband close to the MIFARE reader for it to read). The RFID wristband with Ultralight ® or Ntag chip is compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. You will find more information about MIFARE wristband technology at this link.

MIFARE watch bracelet

The closure buckle on this RFID bracelet is similar to that of a watch and allows the strap to be adjusted to fit the wrist. It can be reused indefinitely by the same customer or can be transferred from one customer to another, saving application costs.

Silicone Identification Bracelet

Very pleasant to the touch, light and practical, the RFID silicone wristband is having a lot of success in sports clubs and aquatic environments. The length of this silicone bracelet is fixed, but we offer it in three sizes to accommodate strong adults (74mm outer diameter), adults (67mm), and children (61mm).

Disposable PVC RFID Wristband

Extremely light and flexible, the PVC RFID wristband can be used without realizing it. There is wide variety of colors available, even transparent. Final clip closure: ideal to prevent several people from using the same bracelet. The bracelet must be cut to remove it. Disposable wristbands are available with MIFARE ® 1K chip, MIFARE Ultralight ® or 125Khz read-only proximity chip.

Fabric RFID Wristband

The fabric wristband is the lightest and most comfortable RFID wristband. In the final clasp version, this fabric bracelet cannot be removed without cutting it. In the removable snap clip version, the length of the bracelet can be adjusted to the wrist and reopened. Color and logo embroidered at the customer’s choice. It is ideal for promotions, events, marketing. Available with MIFARE ® 1K chip, MIFARE Ultra-light ® or 125 KHz read-only chip.