Toronto and Your Fun time There

The huge 5,600 m2 complex, its themed bars and nine rooms with different atmospheres welcomed up to 3,500 people on certain weekends. But after rich years of celebration, the Kes West has been idling for five years.

The fault of a change of manners

Before, we were an essential place for young people. If you wanted to meet someone, you had to go out at the weekend to be able to have fun together. Now people meet on social media. And then overall, young people no longer want to go into large complexes. They find themselves more easily in the bistro, in the restaurant or they simply stay at home. With the Toronto Clubs  and the best nightlife you can have the best time now.

“We have become has been”

The Tinder-Netflix generation will therefore have been right for Macumba, Calypso or other Troubadour. Everywhere, in the North but also throughout France, the large nightclubs located on the outskirts of cities are no longer making revenue and are closing one after the other.

In France, there are 3,000 nightclubs and each week there is one that closes. The time for big nightclubs is over. We must not be afraid of words: we have become has been. Before the meetings were done automatically in a box when we spent a series of slows. Now, when you spend slows, people look at you weirdly wondering what you are doing.

But this decline in large complexes does not mean that people no longer dance. If revelers are fleeing nightclubs located in the countryside or on the outskirts, downtown clubs are on the rise. People today prefer more confined spaces. When they come out of a bar, they want to go to a downtown club without taking the car for alcohol and safety reasons. For example, people are leaving a lot of Uber. Between arrivals and departures, there are up to 300 per evening.

Box managers no longer make a fortune

  • There are new places, new types of travel but also new types of consumption. Today, like a society where everything changes very quickly, you have to drink quickly to be quickly drunk. Before people took a bottle of whiskey for the evening. Now people take a bottle and empty it in less than an hour.
  • From there to say that the turnover of the managers of nightclubs has increased, there is a step that nobody takes. Nicknamed the pope of the Lille nights, Franck Duquesne will have held up to four nightclubs at the time of his splendor. Today there is only one left. But if the sixty-something has lived very well, he would not advise anyone to get into the business today.

A new era opens in the night world

Nightclub owners are making four times less money than fifteen years ago. And where it used to cost 30,000 euros to open a box thirty years ago, it now takes 300,000. I think that within twenty years there will be no more nightclubs at all. They will gradually be replaced by bar-boxes or restaurant-boxes.