The Spotify Usage Options That You Can Have

It’s sometimes a bit complicated to find your way around Spotify, especially if you have hundreds of playlists and thousands of titles. In the PC application, go to File and then Create a new folder. Once the new folder is created, you can then drag all the playlists you want inside of it. It’s just great and it will make a great storage in your musical collections. Of course this change is immediately reflected on your mobile app without you having to do anything.

Improve the quality of streaming audio

Subscribers to Spotify’s premium paid plan benefit from the high-quality listening option, which allows pushing up to a rate of 320 kbit / s. By default on mobile, the quality is set to 96 kbit / s in order to save you bandwidth on your plan, but you can also modify this setting and choose High Quality (160 kbit / s) or Outstanding Quality (320 kbit / s). To do this, on your mobile app, go to Preferences and then Sound quality. From the thatdrop article this is essential.

Use and adjust the sound equalizer

This is a feature well hidden in the menus of the mobile app, and curiously it is not in “Sound quality” but in “Play”. So go to Preferences and then Play, go down at the bottom of the screen, and you find “Equalizer”. Activate it with the button at the top right. We let you discover all the possible settings, which you can of course customize by modifying them. With good headphones or good speakers you will see that it is not a gadget and that the sound is really changed in depth with these settings. It’s up to you to find yours (for Chantal Goya for example).

Add your own songs and listen to them offline

Your collection of playlists is not enough for you and Spotify does not offer the complete Carlos? Never mind. Just add your own songs and you can play them directly in Spotify. To do this, in the PC application, go to Preferences and then Local files, then check the desired directories (including iTunes). You can also select another folder of your choice. You can also download the titles in question on your mobile if you check “Available offline”. Having no title on my PC at the time of writing this, I could not test this option so I do not know how these titles are downloaded, and whether the smartphone must be on the same local WiFi network as the PC or if Spotify will search the titles in its own database. If I have the answer I will post it here for update.

Display the lyrics of the songs

To display the lyrics of the songs, simply add the musiXmatch application to your Spotify on PC. To do this, go to Search for apps in the left menu of the PC application, then select musiXmatch and then Add. The craze karaoke is yours.

Change the appearance of the Spotify player

You can modify the display of your player in synchronization with the music played, like a good old Winamp skin. To do this, during playback, type “spotify: app: visualizer” in the search field in the PC application and choose an animation. An option that does not seem available in the mobile application.