The Adventures of Bobby Ray – Album Review

Presently when great music is fleeting, and albums have lately one good song, this rap album by B.o.B, also called Bobby Ray, can be a pleasure. The album could signal there exists a completely new rap star coming.

Many individuals frequently complain about rap music. They’ll explain it’s just someone speaking, or hollering, obscenities in to a microphone. They’ll also explain how these individuals-these MCs-aren’t really artists. Well, these individuals could change their mind getting a take notice of the adventures of Bobby Ray.

So, who’s Bobby Ray, or B.o.B while he is known? Well, he originates from New You are able to which is just 21 years of age. However, his age does not seem to detract him from making great music or obtaining the biggies on the market accompany him on his first effort. Relating to this album, you will see that he’s grew to become part of by the type of Hayley Manley, Eminem, plus much more. Clearly, the leaders in the rap community recognize the talent in youthful Bobbie Ray.

The song that can take charge relating to this album is called “Nothin’ For You Personally”. Really, this single am popular it introduced an excellent relieve the album. When “Nothin’ For You Personally” premiered for airplay getting a relevant video to go to along, everybody was clamoring for your album. Thus, the studio did a quicker release than intended.

Not every Bobby Ray’s songs are structured as pop hits, however, this song comes close. Featuring Bruno Mars, it’s clearly music to get the ladies attention, a goal it easily achieved. “Nothin’ For You Personally” however is simply the lead song by having an album that literally brings you plenty great efforts.

Let’s consider the song “Do Not Let Me Fall”. Personally, this can be possibly one of the better tunes round the album. The song is comparable to the presence of Bobby Ray while he ascends the ladder of rap music. Clearly, he’s on his in position which song is certainly an serious expression-getting a piano and chorus-of his need to ‘t be eaten up and spit through the musical community.

The album continues with one great song to a different. My next favorite song using this album is called “Kids” plus it features Janelle Monae, the Grammy nominated singer while using voice that won’t quit. With solid lyrics, great voices, plus an unbeatable beat, this can be another track making the album worth buying.

Overall, The Adventures of Bobby Ray is probably the best rap albums currently available. With fresh lyrics that blend rap along with a couple of pop type of music, B.o.B. or Bobby Ray is somebody that we may be seeing for many years.