Taking a Personality Quiz to Know Your Harry Potter House

If you are a big Harry Potter fan, you already know how to get into Hogwarts. Like any other student in Hogwarts, it started by having magical powers. Even if you are pure-blooded or muggle-born, you will be sent a Hogwarts letter. This is an invitation to study at the most prestigious school in the wizarding world. So if you want to become a wizard or a witch, you better wait for that letter to be delivered to you by their trustee owls. But if you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry because it will arrive sooner or later.

Once you are confirmed as a Hogwarts student, you will need to get ready because after you arrive, you will be sorted to your rightful House. There are four Houses at Hogwarts, which are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. The Sorting Hat, owned by Godric Gryffindor, will determine which House in Hogwarts you belong to. So your personality must align with the values of the House that you want, so the Sorting Hat will put you there. Or you could also try answering the harry potter houses for an easier way to find out.

Why are Houses in Harry Potter Important?

Hogwarts has four founders, which is why there are four Houses in the school. These Houses are composed of students that have been chosen by the Sorting Hat. Every new student needs to go through the Sorting Hat because it is considered a yearly tradition that will always be observed, as long as there are new students. Once the Sorting Hat determined your House, that is where you will be staying for the whole seven years, assuming that you finish school at Hogwarts. You will also be representing your House in everything you do, academically and behavior-wise.

If you want to find out which House you belong to if you are in the magical world of wizards, the fun and exciting Harry Potter House Quiz will help you out by giving you the results once you finish answering the questions. Just make sure to answer it honestly so that the Sorting Hat could think about the right House for you.

Being a Potterhead is Harder than You Think

Potterheads are having a hard time knowing the Houses they belong to because they hope, wishing, and praying that they end up being a Gryffindor. If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, it’s only natural for you to hope that you also end up as a Gryffindor, known for their bravery and courage. But in reality, there’s nothing wrong with being a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or a Hufflepuff. That’s because these Houses have values that make them unique. And Hogwarts wouldn’t be complete without these Houses.

If you are having a hard time determining your House, let the Harry Potter House quiz choose your House for you. All you need to do is answer a few questions, which only lasts for a few minutes. You will be sorted to your appropriate House in no time! Become a Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor with this fun and fantastic quiz by Quiz Lagoon.