Social Media Posts Are Fabricated and Not Good for Confidence Building but Tango Helps

Social media networks allow people to connect as well as share significant moments of their lives with one another. Posts and photographs are used to portray their life optimistically. They feel an urge to be competitive and desire to have gifted children, a thriving job, a happy relationship, the world’s cutest dog, or adventurous hobbies.

Social media allows curating their member’s life through displaying their most appealing moments. The drawback is this can leave a fabricated impression on the mind of their followers and friends, who try to match the lives they are made to incorrectly believe others are enjoying.

Why social media presence is sought?

Undoubtedly, everyone desires to gain presence and be perceived as the best. Social media offers that break. Followers and friends easily forget that social media channels are forged. People possibly frame their lives to be exciting and positive indicating to others that they cannot compete. Only the happy moments are shared, while the remaining gets deleted from public view.

The issue is not with social media but with YOU. Why did you post such forged information about yourself? Human nature is to depend on affirmations from others for self-confidence but this is not the real thing. Confidence starts within you and emits outward and not the opposite way. How you feel and rate yourself is crucial? To fight invisibility complex, you can choose to join the Ultimate Tango online classes.

Compliments don’t work but are a great reality check because the majority of people assume that they have fewer capabilities than what others see in them. The self-help movement is strongly imprinted in this world. For example, acrobatics is extremely hard. The word is used when teachers don’t know the tricks to teach something, which makes students feel very downcast and disempowered of their ability. The same goes for social media posts.

For example, girls post glamorous photographs on social networks. This creates a feeling of low self-esteem in girls who don’t match the beauty standards. However, they cannot hide as they don’t fit in D-bra or 0-size attire. They feel depressed but are not aware that the girls, who posted their dazzling photographs, have to retake the same poses more than a hundred times on the beach in a bikini to make their stomach look flat. She even has to sacrifice eating food the whole day until a perfect photograph is captured. Social media is not what real life is!

Tango Show: Piazolla Tango - Buenos Aires

How to think about confidence in tango language?

Let’s continue with the example from above. Rather than showing objection to how your body looks, she can vigilantly assess your body. Check on what needs improvement and what she needs to hide. Love your body and work on what needs to be done. Never unlove your body because this is not good for your self-esteem. Self-doubt needs to go away because the problem is not the photograph on social media but is within you.

In tango, there is a confident attitude dancers’ practice. Just tell yourself ‘I will do this’ and visualize it then they go for it. Never argue on things you feel hard to achieve, just say you are fine brightly. In tango dance, even dancers who have not mastered enjoy the beauty of gracefulness and talent through mastering their skills.

False confidence is a delusion, so change your thoughts, and learn the tango to build self-esteem!