Romantic Comedies You Can Be Perfect in Every Respect

Romantic comedy is a cinematic genre that mixes humor and love story. The web of this style is very simple and almost unchanging: a man and a woman whom everything opposes: their social conditions, their characters, their religions, their ideologies, their lifestyles. However, as the he history advances in time and that the various and varied tests are crossed, they end up falling in love with each other. Make a visit to and there you need to be specific now.

The spectator knows very well before even entering the cinema that the film will end well. The interest lies in the fact of knowing if the scenario holds water, if the realization is good or if the distribution plays the game. The ironic tone of the business lies in the permanent gap which very often generates quite funny misunderstandings.

  • The romantic comedy inevitably ends with a happy ending. The opposite would be surprising and the viewer would be disappointed that it would be otherwise.
  • The romantic drama film is a type of narration that tells the love story as a central point, placing a dramatic accent.
  • There are two types of love stories: the Sentimental Comedy and the Love Drama.
  • In these genres, love is the driving force of history, the theme that occupies the largest space in history. Although other dramatic outline themes can be dealt with.

If you don’t know how a romantic drama film is structured, we’ll explain the characteristics of the love drama, its narrative structure, and what the purpose is for the audience. The sentimental comedy, however, will be treated in this other article.

The romantic drama film: features

What are the characteristics of the romantic drama film?

In this genre, love is the guiding thread of the story, but it is treated based on the emotional sphere of the characters, who have problems or who have to face inner conflicts. These problems allow us to deal with other outline themes, even if the one that takes the most space is the love affair (the limits to which the strength of love is pushed).

For example, issues relating to different social classes, or race conflicts, can be dealt with. Often this type of narration is set in historical times. This category includes, for example, the most famous tragic love story of all: Giulietta and Romeo, who despite dealing with a conflict between opposing families, focuses on the love pains of the two lovers.

The essential elements of a love drama are the following, which I will later explain the purpose of use:

The passion of love

In the love drama, love is shown as an unstoppable feeling that cannot be opposed.

The limits to which love can be pushed

The love drama puts a strain on the value of love, pushing the two lovers to really important limits.

The moral constraints

The two lovers often have to fight against themselves and their moral values, to live that love. For example, partners can be married to other partners and don’t want to be bad people who cheat.

Social barriers

The two lovers must fight against the social barriers that hinder their love.

The pains of love

Being a drama, the love affair generates pains of love for the two unfortunate lovers, who will weigh down and blur the reason for their behavior.