Mandalika, a Special Region in an Outstanding Part of Lombok

Situated in the south of Lombok Island, Mandalika is an extraordinary region where green savannah hills meet fabulous beaches. The plan to improve this area into an integrated great hotel was made decades ago. However, it has just been attained in the last few years.

Mandalika is a particular tourism economic zone. Extensive development is occurring right now, with several luxury resorts being built. Mandalika will also have a world-class racing circuit that will host MotoGP races.

Gorgeous beaches in the southern section of Lombok are going to be integrated within this resort. When the development finishes, this hotel will be among the most comprehensive one in Indonesia.

Kuta Beach Mandalika is just as unique as the one in Bali

Like the ultra-popular namesake Kuta Beach in Bali, Kuta Beach Mandalika is also a paradise for surfers and fewer people. The landscape is far more diverse, though, with hills and waterfalls. As of now, areas in Kuta Beach is unspoiled with little to no improvement.

If you love untouched natural beaches with excellent waves for surfing, this is ideal for you. If you enjoy beaches with luxurious hotels, you need to wait a few years to appreciate that in Kuta Lombok.

Seger Beach, a refreshing landscape

Only 2km off from Kuta, Seger Beach is a rustic seaside with exotic scenery. With some green hills and its white sand beach plus rocky terrain, Seger has an idyllic view. Apart from enjoying the beach view, you can also hike the mountain to find an even better perspective of the whole place.

The next beach in the area is Serenting Beach. This beach is ideal for a family picnic and a great spot for sunbathing because there are not many people around yet. It’s a longer coastline than Seger Beach. Serenting is also the area where Sasak People hold their Bau Nyale Festival.

Gerupuk Beach, the heaven for surfers

This is the most desirable place to surf in Mandalika. Gerupuk beach offers you the most challenging waves, reaching up to 3 meters in height. There are five zones available for surfing in this beautiful bay; Prigi, Batu Teong, Batulawang, Giligoleng, and Terasag. Aside from its tempting waves, Gerupuk also generates natural seaweed. In the Gerupuk Village, you can observe local people collect seaweed and send them to large Bali and Java cities.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is a regular white sandy beach. In its crescent-shaped beach, you can see the sea and several green hills around you. Many individuals prefer this beach over Kuta for the sole reason that there are fewer people here. The atmosphere is comfortable and allows you to enjoy the scenery comfortably.

Merese Hills, a vantage point on a grassy field

Merese Hill is the most suitable spot if you want to enjoy the view of Mandalika from a higher point. There are no white sand or beautiful waves to play here, but the mountain provides a different sensation to enjoy the sea. The comparatively level area on the top of this hill is also an ideal place for camping, provided you have a strong tent because the wind can be mighty.

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