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The divinity that lies in music cannot be matched with any other alternative. It is something that has uniqueness for every individual. Music exceeds the language boundary and the discrimination between who listens to which genre of music has vanished into thin air. Tamil music has a very soothing effect to our ears. Historical records of Tamil art culture allow us to trace the interesting pattern of evolutionary changes that occurred in music. The history of Tamil music is embedded in the period of Tamil history.

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History of Tamil musical culture

In India, mythology has a very important part to play and its influence on the art and culture of the country is phenomenal, Carnatic music being no exception is worth a mention. Classical Indian music flourished in the south Indian capital cities, in Vijayanagara and Tanjavur to be precise A number of musical treatises that explains the concepts of Tamil music were written. The present form of Tamil music is based on the historical developments that can be traced back to the 15th – 16th AD and henceforth. The Tamil music can be studied briefly based on three major periods of its development, namely, Ancient, Medieval and Modern period.

The Ancient period (4th century AD)

This was an essential period in the history of Indian music. During this period, there is no such mention of the term, Carnatic music, in any of the sources, but there is sufficient reason to make it believable that this period was crucial to the indigenous development of Carnatic music.

Bharata’s Natyasastra (The 2nd – 4th century AD)

This is the earliest treatise to extensively elaborate on the scientific side of music and dance. Music is dealt partially in this treatise. The music till Bharata’s period was also known as Marga (literally meaning ‘way’).

Medieval period (5th – 16th century AD)

Many vital musical concepts evolved in clear terms and in this period, more care was taken to put into record, some of the important musical developments by several music artists and scholars, to enable us to have proper historical links.

Gist of Tamil music in the modern era and Tamil mp3 songs download

Tamil Nadu is a state of vibrant music which originated from the Tamil literature of early years because many literary poems have been given the form of a song in movies and albums. Singers of the past have tremendous contribution towards this form of art. Singers like S. P. Balasubhramanyam, A.R. Rahaman, and M Vishwanathan are some of the legendary artists of the era. A number of Bollywood artists like Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghosal have made a difference in this form of art too. When you are opting to download masterpieces like Verithanam, Thaarame thaarame, Kannu Thangom etc the best option is to go for Tamil mp3 songs download which will then lead us to

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