Hiring Live Musicians For Your Wedding? Find Expert Tips Here!

There is really something special about weddings with live music. It’s more romantic and perfectly fits the occasion. Whether you have someone play or sing live during the ceremony, the reception, or while everyone is on their feet on the dance floor. Your live music will set this extraordinary moment apart. 

So if you are thinking of hiring acoustic music for events like your wedding, here are some tips to make it work for you:

Do Your Research

Before anything else, you should do your research on the possible bands that you can hire for your wedding. If you have a wedding planner, you can ask for recommendations of the trusted acoustic band near you. You can also ask a friend or your family members if they have someone that they can recommend for your wedding.

The Type of Band You Prefer

Remember that there are different types of bands to choose from that you hire for your wedding. To know which type of band to get, know the type of music that you want to be played. There are some bands that can play a wide variety of music for you. But for weddings and receptions, most clients prefer acoustic bands.

The Band Size

Bands can either be big or small. In fact, there are some bands that are made up of 16 members including the vocalist. Your decision on the size of the band will be influenced by your budget as well as your venue. It might be good to have a big band, but your wedding will be more intimate if you hire acoustic musicians. This is the best choice if you want a more romantic live music for your wedding.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask For Sample

During your wedding, you would want everything to go perfectly. This includes your live musicians. You wouldn’t want them to come unprepared or prepare music that is not fit for your preference. So you should ask for samples. You can also ask for a sample video of them performing at a wedding so you will have an idea of how they sound as well as know their style. 

Attend A Gig

If you want to take your efforts further, you can also go and see them at a gig if they have any. There are bands who offer couples to attend one of their gigs to hear them perform even before they decide to book them. So if this is something that you can do, it would be best to see them perform live to gauge whether they are the right musicians for your wedding.

Read The Contract

Before you agree, you should read the contract drawn up by the professional band you are hiring. Do not go for a band that does not have a contract as much as possible. This way, you can avoid problems before, during, and even after the event. You would immediately differentiate a good contract from a bad one. It should be comprehensive and entail all the details of their services. It should include the names of the members of the band, the kind of music that they will be playing, the arrival, set-up, break times, and so much more. 

Hiring a band for your wedding should not be that complicated. All you need is to know the type of band that you need and follow the tips mentioned above. This way, you are sure that you will have the best acoustic band on your wedding day.