Hello Song

A Hello Song welcomes the children at the beginning of the day’s activities. In the preschool classroom it will help the children to focus their attention and prepare to transition to their next learning experience. We have a wonderful new song that we created for one of our preschool music curriculum modules. The song is called Our Day Has Now Begun and it’s from our PlayMotion Music© curriculum series. 

Taking the time to present a Hello Song at the beginning of the day helps everyone to get excited about all the wonderful learning activities that lie ahead. It will also foreshadow the other stimulating and enriching group time activities that you will be presenting at various times during the day including interactive music and movement songs stories and games.

When the children have arrived at school in the morning gather them in the group space. I prefer to have the children sitting around the edge of the rug so we can all see each other clearly. That is the time to present the Hello Song. First say “Welcome friends it’s time to start our day. Show me how you can move your body as I do.” Then start the song and model the movements described in the lyrics of the song.

You can also use visual aids as a part of your morning greeting ritual. Try using photographs or illustrations of happy children holding hands and playing together. This will help the children to have a positive attitude as they start their day. 

Our Day Has Now Begun by Nick Young

Good morning friends

I’m glad you’re here 

It’s time to have some fun

Good morning friends 

Let’s sit right down 

Our day has now begun 

Stretch your arms above your head 

Reach up to the sky

Now take a big enormous breath 

and let out a big sigh 

Stretch your legs in front of you and wiggle all your toes

Bounce your knees up and down and touch them with your nose 

Now stand up on your feet so tall 

You’re taller every day

Take another deep deep breath and say a big hooray! 

The purpose of this song is to give the children a sense of the day that lies ahead and to establish the community of the classroom by having the children and their teacher all moving stretching and using their voices together.

Take some time to choose stimulating and enriching interactive music and movement curriculum for your students. Whenever it’s possible choose curriculum that corresponds to the themes that you are presenting as the main theme of your curriculum each month.

Using a song like Our Day Has Now Begun will help the children to feel empowered and creative as they look forward to a wonderful day with their teacher and friends as they learn and play together. 

When you’re presenting the greeting song make sure you are communicating your excitement, happiness and enthusiasm with your body language, your vocal inflection and your facial expression. This will supercharge the unspoken message that you are communicating to your students with your Hello Song about the richness of the day that lies ahead.