Greater Limits For Concert Tickets Purchase

Before any attempt to purchase within our site, you must register. Anticipate and sign up before the sale opens, so when the sale opens, you can now jump straight from the queue to the purchase page.

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Credit card

Please have credit card and cardholder data in hand, the data will be crossed by our anti-fraud team and in case of data inconsistency the purchase will be canceled. You can buy concert tickets online now with the best deals now.

Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache

When you use a browser such as Chrome, it saves some website information in its cache and cookies. Clearing this data fixes certain errors, such as site loading or formatting issues, preventing your site from updating at the exact time sales open or queuing. Therefore, before logging in, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

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  • Queues are enabled at any time to ensure site stability.
  • The time of entry on the site does not guarantee the first positions of the queue.
  • The queue is automatically generated, several factors can interfere with your position such as internet speed, browser cache and cookies, internet provider, among others.
  • After queuing, wait your turn. There is no need to refresh the page.


Correctly choose the desired sectors, number of tickets, and type of ticket (whole or half ticket).

The limit amount of tickets varies from one event to another.

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Enter your credit card number and verification code correctly, entering wrong information may result in cancellation of the ticket. In case of half-ticket tickets, have the CPF and the names of the people who will be covered with the tickets. Are you going with friends / cousins ​​/ parents / boyfriend to the show? It is worth organizing a small task force to buy tickets.

First, pass these tips to them. At the time of purchase everyone should access the site and it is important that you are communicating in real time – in an organized, logical way. The first person who gets access to the page buys tickets from everyone and then you get your expenses right.

It is very important for everyone involved to be aware of the type of ticket they will get, according to the sector and the possibility of half entry.

Boost Your Computer’s Speed

Close all possible tabs on your computer and stop any downloads happening on it. It would also be interesting to clear the browser cache. This makes the machine faster and less likely to lock up during purchase.

Save the URLs at every step of the buying process

When you shop online each step happens on a different page and saving each other’s URL is something that can avoid headaches. Open your computer notebook and make Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V of all URLs, so if any of the pages close or crash, you will be able to access it again.

Keep an eye on Twitter

A crowd will be trying to buy tickets at the same time and it is quite common for problems to happen with the sales website. If you’re having trouble accessing the page, it’s worth opening Twitter to see if more people are going through this situation. If the same complaint is being made by a lot of people, you might want to wait a while to access the site. So try again an hour later.