Great Kilt and the Options to Wear Them

The tartan you probably know as a plaid scarf made of ultra-warm and plaid. It is also and above all a traditional fabric from Scotland. More than just a print, the tartan is a must-have fashion accessory for this winter. All celebrities have already adopted and believe the fashion magazines this new trend is not ready to pass. When you know how to wear a kilt then you can have the best choice.

Scottish tartan woman

  • Tie around the neck
  • Wrap in tartan as in a plaid
  • Tie your tartan like an oversized Scottish check scarf
  • Wear his tartan like a scarf in winter
  • Put your tartan on your shoulders and tie it in front of you
  • Use Scottish tartan as a plaid or blanket
  • Accessorize your fashion outfits the plaid tartan
  • Adopt the Scottish style without making a total look
  • For men and women, tartan comes in different colors 

How to wear the tartan pattern?

Impossible to miss, the tartan escapes is the most recommended look of the winter. Choose the checked scarf in the colors of your choice and pair it with jeans and a beige turtleneck sweater. Make a simple and effective look, exactly in the air. The tartan like all patterns is worn by little touch. If you want to opt for a skirt, a dress, a pair of trousers or a coat, you only wear the tartan pattern in one garment or accessory, the rest of the clothes must not have any motives and be chosen sober and plain. To learn more about how to choose a men’s and women’s scarf keep reading.

Where does the Scottish tartan come from? Straight from Scotland, tartan is the traditional Scottish pattern, you know the famous Scottish kilt is the symbol. In fact one must know that there are many variations of combined colors and weft and each one of it has its origins in those of the Scottish clans. As an emblem, each clan has a specific type of tartan that characterizes it.Learn more about how to wear tweed.

How to wear the tartan scarf?

The maxi tartan scarf is the declination of the most trendy tartan. To wear your shawl like those you find in this shop, fold your shawl into a triangle and put the tip of the shawl on your bust. Come cross the two sides of the shawl in your neck and make return on the bust to tie or hang the two sides. It is full of other advice to wear a plaid scarf. For a bohemian style, wrap the scarf all around your neck to be well wrapped. With the best kilts for men you can choose the best choices.

A true style at the top of fashion

Ideas look to tie his tartan scarf. The tartan plaid can also be knotted cowboy style with the tip down and knotted in the neck behind the body or with the two sides that come back either to be arranged or to be tied under the tip or above as seen on the different tutorials in picture and photo that are available to you. Learn more about wearing the tiles .