Follow these Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Night Out

Ensure when planning a major night out, you stay careful at all costs. Here are some do’s and don’ts suggested by Brutopia to pay heed to.


  1. Leave the club before the inception of dance off. No matter how hard your friends are trying to make you stay, you don’t have the moves for that.
  2. Go home as soon as it crosses your mind. Don’t wait till 3 when you are thrown off by the bar itself.
  3. Have enough money for the cab ride home
  4. Take a jacket no matter how cool you look without it. It is always a little colder early in the morning.
  5. Have a good meal before heading out, no not a piece of toast, but a light meal.
  6. Go home alone so that you don’t have the guilt trips when you wake up.
  7. Capture a lot of pictures so that you know what happened last night.
  8. Delete phone numbers you don’t want to call when drunk. Do this before you have your first drink.
  9. Gulp down a large glass of water before hitting the bed.


  1. Wear high heels. You don’t look attractive falling off when drunk. Also it is not practical.
  2. Hand over your credit cards to buy shots for every person in the bar. Tequila is an enemy!
  3. Have a dirty kebab after two digits beers. It is ugly to drop it down yourself and trying to pick it up.
  4. Smoke because you had a drink. It doesn’t look cool at all
  5. Steal a bike to reach home and end up in an accident along the way. Karma has an eye on you.
  6. Drunk text. The last thing you want to do is end up with regret as those texts cannot be reversed.
  7. Share a cab with strangers or ex colleagues. You don’t want to end up waking next to them next day.
  8. Peeing on streets. Always use a toiler before you head out or go frequently in the nightclub
  9. Mix drinks. It may seem like a good idea but you may end up regretting next morning.

Pay heed to these advice and we are pretty sure that you will have the best next morning. Make a lot of memories, and have fun, not troubles.