Choose the Perfect Choice for Youtube Subscription

Do you want to boost your YouTube video or channel? Then you are at the right place at Likes. In addition to YouTube video views, you can also buy likes, dislikes, subscribers, comments and followers from us. Our products are 100% safe to use, so you do not run any risk.

Buying YouTube views causes people to watch your video, and as a result the display counter goes up.

Do you want your YouTube video to be found better? Then make sure that it is viewed more often. It sounds like the upside-down world, because how do you get viewers in the first place? If you are not that popular yet, and you don’t have many subscribers yet, then you should give it a hand. You can simply buy youtube subscribers and come up with the best choices now.

By buying views, your video comes into view sooner when someone searches for it, so that they are automatically seen by others more often. This gives you the so-called snowball effect, because once the ball rolls, it continues to roll. The number of views will therefore increase.

Buy Likes

Buying YouTube likes is smart because they have a positive effect on the ranking of your video. Videos with a lot of thumbs are found better.

In addition, your video will appear more convincing when there are a number of thumbs. In addition to positive likes, we also have negative likes (dislikes).

In some cases, against a large number of positive thumbs, you also want to have some negative thumbs, so thumbs down, to make the video appear even more convincing. The choice is yours.

Subscribers buy for Youtube

Buying YouTube subscribers is child’s play. We prove it. You can order them in no time. With us you can buy subscribers which make your YouTube channel look more convincing. Moreover, people are more likely to follow you too. That way you attract even more subscribers and your channel can grow into something very big. Some also call subscribers followers. In principle this amounts to the same. Simply learn more here.

If you want to earn money, you must meet a number of conditions. First of all you need to have 4000 hours of viewing time on your channel, and 1000 followers (subscribers). You can buy both here.

English views too

We also sell English YouTube views for those who are interested. The English views are currently available for an additional charge. First click on the number of YouTube views to optionally choose English people.

Buy responses

Buying responses is also possible. The comments are in the English language, unless you choose custom responses where you can deliver the text yourself. Naturally, comments cannot be missing on a popular video. So you have complete control and control.

How to earn money with Youtube

New rules have been introduced since 18 Jan 2018 to make money with YouTube. The conditions that you must have now are: 4000 hours of viewing time and 1000 subscribers. How do you get so many hours of viewing time and so many subscribers? The answer is simple. You can buy everything to meet the conditions and start making money quickly. More information about how you can earn money with your YouTube channel can be found in our blog under “latest news”.