Best of Sanam Puri songs.

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There is something about the old evergreen classics that make us want to listen to them over and over again. The olden days truly were the Golden Era of music. With great singers like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Md. Rafi and so many more, each of the songs were better than the other. And then came the trend of remixing the old songs with loud music and crude videos. The recreations or remixes almost always ruin the essence of the originals. Most of us despised remixes and recreations of classic songs. And then, SANAM PURI happened! His versions of the old songs have definitely made a place in our hearts. With his songs he has been reviving the vintage, and how! Here is a list of the best of Sanam Puri songs that will take you back in time.

  1. Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi: Recreating a Kishore Kumar song needs a lot of courage and we all know why! And people liking the cover version is another talent altogether. Sanam definitely has it in plentitude. This contemporary version of a classic is fantastic.
  2. Pal Pal dil ke paas: Another evergreen classic. Originally picturized on Dharmendra and sung by Kishore Kumar will always be one of the most romantic songs ever made in Bollywood. Sanam Puri rearranged the song making it sound more contemporary without losing the essence of the original. And hence deserves to be on our playlist.
  3. Lag Jaa Gale: With its amazing melody and the mesmerizing voice of Lata Mangeshkar, this song will probably be of the iconic songs ever. Sanam Puri has managed to make us fall in love with this song all over again in spite of the original version being a female one. He managed to recreate this song with his voice almost as if it is a new Hindi song.
  4. Dilbar Mere: Again another Kishore Kumar classic, this song was made to be one for your loved one who is being coy. Sanam, with his amazing voice, managed to capture all the emotions in it which in return made us listen one on loop.
  5. O Mere Dil Ke Chain: This Kishore Kumar song is a song that defines romance. Listening to it always reminds us of our relationship in its earlier phase. The contemporary twist given to this composition makes it sound so very fresh and new. We fall in love with Sanam and his voice over and over again while listening to this song.

The band that makes this amazing music consists of Keshav Dhanraj (vocals and drums), Samar Puri (vocals and lead guitarist), Venka Subramaniyam (vocals and bass guitar) and Sanam Puri (lead vocalist). Listen to the Best of Sanam Puri songs and get ready to revisit the yesteryears.