Best Movies You Missed This Year

We never realize how time flies! People have come and go in the process of being too preoccupied with work and the future. It may be subtle, but we humans never notice that life flashes before our eyes like the swiftness of a shooting star. Sometimes, we need to have a break, to take a moment to gaze at reality and watch here in the present moment. It never hurts to sit for a while and do leisure, like streaming movies online. You may have missed spectacular films this year since you didn’t watch here at Aha Movies. But don’t fret! Here are movies that are more than a year’s worth in case you have just escaped from the hands of busyness.

The 2014 Telugu film Karthikeya stars the actor Nikhil who portrays the main character Karthik. This young medicine learner finds himself inside a village where there had been ominous reports of casualties. The deaths have been linked to a peculiar temple with belief floating about its ties with a sinister snake.

The motion picture Mem Vaisaku Vacham recounts the audience of Lucky (Tanish) as he attempts to solve a love puzzle with Dil, his romantic interest. However, Lucky’s attraction to her is repelled by the already chained fate of Dil in marriage to someone. This Telugu movie was released in 2012.

The movie Mr. Nookayya showed in 2012, journeys its viewers to an epic-like account in a man monikered Nokia (played by Manchu Vishnu). As he constantly lives up to his notoriety of stealing phones, an unexpected voyage starts to unfold as he offers his generosity to someone in grave danger.

Certainly, time will also be well-spent as you view the uniqueness of these movie plots. Now, back to work – slowly but surely! You can continue streaming all types of Telugu genres at Aha Movies where you can watch here if you have time.

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