Album Review – Go Native by Yusuf Azak

My goodness, this man is amazing! Yusuf Azak wowed me once initially initially when i first discovered him within this summer time, now he’s wowed me again – the elusive double-wowy. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to own received the opportunity to hear Yusuf’s approaching album, “Go Native”, right before it’s November twelfth release date.

Really, Yusuf themselves emailed us a duplicate of his new album. I used to be honored. I hold him in high regard inside the music world both because of his music and how he goes about his business. Unlike Yusuf, I am by no means a specialist of words, however can do my personal favorite to describe for you personally the epic-liness that’s “Go Native”.

I sitting lower immediately to possess new 11-track album a listen, searching to become rather pleased with a few things i would hear. I grew to become up to now past pleased, it’s very nearly indescribable. Proclaiming that I used to be “pleased” after hearing his approaching album is similar to saying the sun’s sun rays is warm.

I realize the season isn’t quite over yet, however, this album is actually good, I’m prone to put it inside my top 2 albums of year when it’s time to look for the MarsBands Album of year. I really like harmony driven songs, and every song on “Go Native” has breathtaking harmony. It’s been a extended time since i have have have required set for an album where I like all song.

Apparently this album remains stripped lower and attended basics.

“This latest record might be a different. It’s lighter, cleaner plus much more straightforward, but this latest directness could transform it into a little simpler that individuals enter Yusuf’s gorgeously melodic songwriting” (Song, By Toad)

Certainly, the basic principles from Yusuf Azak can be better than the best factor you’ll be able to consider. I am honestly floored with this particular album. The astounding simplicity each song consists with in some manner morphs into intricate complexities which can make you breathlessly impressed.

Whether it’s the delicate and experienced plucking of publish just like Smile Tactics, American Eyes or Move Me Starlet or perhaps the entrancing and hypnotizing violin, piano and organ in songs like Immunity or Save or Frolic in the water, I used to be constantly amazed how so handful of instruments could create music that made an appearance to experience a lot happening.