5 Timeless Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Never Fail To Amaze

Wedding entertainment plays a big role in the event to help you show your guests that you care for them as much as they do for you. From magic shows to live bands, there’s no dearth of ideas to entertain your guests and make your Big Day equally memorable for them. Let’s explore some of these ideas to help you choose the best ones for your wedding.

Hire singing waiters

Nothing can be better than taking your guests by surprise with the help of multi-talented waiters, who sing while serving them. As they stare at awe at the singing waiters, you can smile in the satisfaction of knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves. The waiters can also break into a flash-mob style performance to take your event entertainment to another level.

Arrange for a live music show

Getting a highly-reputable band to perform live music at your wedding is a dream come true for many couples. Don’t waste any time and book your favourite band well in advance to prevent discrepancies later. As bands like the MJB Toronto Wedding Entertainment specialize in wedding performances, you can rope them in to enhance the entertainment factor at your wedding.

Creative cocktails

Give a chance to your guests to let their creative juices flow at the cocktail table. Let them use their talent and expertise at mixing drinks, and you can declare a winner of the creative cocktail contest along with a surprise gift. This will surely have them hooked, and you may hear them talking about your wedding for the weeks that follow.

Set up a music request box

Talk to your band in advance and ask them if they can manage requests from the guests at random. If they can, you can set up a music request box and ask your guests to write their choice of songs down and put them in the same. As it will be up to the band to choose from the songs, you can rest assured that at least some of the requests will be played, thus entertaining your guests further.

Arrange for karaoke sessions

Your guests may want to sing at your wedding, and arranging for a karaoke session can help them fulfil that wish. You can either request your musicians to play for them, or you can arrange for readymade karaoke tracks, whichever seems convenient to you.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to your wedding event, guest entertainment is a key element to consider. So, create a list of ideas and carefully analyze each to understand which of them will be best for your wedding. Talk to your partner and shortlist them, depending on factors like space, time and budget.