5 Resources To Identify When Evaluating A Happy Hour

According to various sources, the term “happy hour” would have been used aboard US Navy ships in the 1920s. It was used to describe the period of entertainment planned for boxing and wrestling to reduce stress.

The idea of ​​drinking before dinner began in the age of prohibition. People would have “cocktails” at home or “happy hours” at speakeasy before going to dinner without alcohol. The public did not widely use this term until it appeared in an article in the 1959 Saturday Evening Post on military life. Food was added at happy hours in the 1980s to help prevent drunk driving.

Customers of any establishment are almost universally expecting happy hours to be part of their daily offer. You can check some of the best happy hour in Miami here. Some happy hours are better than others. Here are five resources to identify when evaluating an establishment’s offerings. Here

  1. Atmosphere –

Examine the surroundings. Is this place for you? Do you feel comfortable there? Does he have a feel and a clientele of blue-collar or white-collar workers? It’s the lighting. Does the bar look beautiful? Can you access it easily? Do you feel too crowded? What kind of music is playing? Essentially, this characteristic is related to the feelings or moods you feel in the institution. You can also determine what your friends may or may not like.

  1. Bartender / Service –

This can be divided into two distinct categories, but for this article, it will go along. Is the bartender attentive to customers? Do they make eye contact? Are they courteous? Do they offer information about happy hour deals? Are they grateful for your company? When your drink is almost empty, do they notice and offer a new one? No matter how busy an establishment is during happy hour, the bartender should always be aware of their services. The good ones do it because that’s when they can make the most money.

  1. Food –

As mentioned earlier, food was offered during the cocktail time to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed and the speed with which it is consumed. Is food offered a cold buffet, a hot buffet, bar specialties, or is it ordered directly from the menu? Do the mini versions of the main menu give you a taste of their menu so you can stay for dinner? Are the special portions fair? Does the food taste good? If it’s a buffet, is the buffet still full all the time? Are there any specials?

  1. Signature Drink –

Many restaurants and bars offer specialty drinks or house favorites to attract guests. Does your favorite restaurant have a special drink that makes you come back? Is it a drink you want to talk to your friends? It’s a good sign if they do that.

  1. Value –

This feature can be a determining factor in the decision-making process of the climax time. How long are the promotions, what are they and how much do they cost? This information may be the most widely disseminated facts to determine where to go after working with friends. The big question is where this information can be found in one place quickly and used to your advantage. What is the best way to share this information with your friends and community? Many other considerations can be taken into account when deciding to evaluate a happy hour. What is your best happy hour in Miami?