5 Easy Ways to Up Your Music Production


Whether you are producing music as a hobby or as a full-time job, the only way to attract clients is by coming up with quality music. You need to deliver records that will leave people nodding their heads to the tune. Below is a detailed list of five easy ways that you can up your music production in no time. Take note of every detail and start making music like a pro.

1. Organise your production area
So many people have mastered the art of music production, but they can barely produce quality records simply because they are not organised. Just like any other hobby or task, music production requires you to stay organised. Every musical instrument is supposed to be functional and plugged in whenever you want to produce a record.

There is nothing that fades away from your creativity in music production like an interruption. Once you stop working on a specific beat for you to plug in your headphones, change the location of a studio monitor or bring close the keyboard, you will find it hard to resume to the earlier creative idea.

2. Make use of pre-made chords
There is a time when you reach a point in the production, and you feel like something is missing in your music. This is where pre-made midi chords come in. Don’t come up with flat music while you can simply go online and download midi files. This interface will give you loops, sound fonts, and song starters among many other remarkable chords.

This will not only enable you to improve the quality of your music a great deal, but it will also help you work fast on your music production. With midi chords, you can add an incredible sense feel to your music and transform your whole production in no time.

3. Master keyboard shortcuts
This is an essential factor when it comes to speeding up your music production. It is one way of proving to the available clients that you are good at what you do. It also shows them that you have mastered the art of music production. Take your time and know your DAW, keep them on your fingertips. This will minimise the amount of time you spend looking for a specific function.

Knowing your DAW or keyboard shortcuts are also the best way to keep your creativity flowing flawlessly. Remember, at times, an idea can flash through your mind, and when you are just about to implement it, it disappears. With keyboard shortcuts, such scenarios won’t be a problem.

4. Always save your presets and instruments
In the process of creating your track, there is a huge possibility that you will be developing numerous FX chains and other instrumentals in an attempt to see whether they fit in the record or not. Don’t let that time go to waste. What you do is create a folder and save every preset and instrument you create.

They might not fit on the current track, but they will come in handy in the future. You will thus end up saving too much time once you come across a record that they can fit. This is one way you can up your production and comes up with remarkable tracks.

5. Incorporate real sounds
If you have been listening to plenty of music, you will hear how most producers are making use of natural sound. This is precisely what you should do. You may use the sound of birds chirping, a waterfall, cars honking or even a crowd clapping. With such sounds, you will be able to add some vibe to your music. So use real sounds whenever you can.

It is also one of the best ways to make your music live and exciting. Whenever someone hears a real-world sound in your music, they will conclude you are a professional. It will also make your music quality and remarkable.

Those are some of the best ways to up your music production and end up with the best creations. Some of the ideas, like using midi chords will enable you to work faster and still come up with classic hits. To become a music producer, you need to be fast and creative, and the above ways will help you achieve both effortlessly.