How to Increase your Comics Drawing Skills?

The first moment when you get a pencil, pen, or brush to attempt to draw, if we need to adapt rapidly we start by efficiently developing the abilities we need. The truth is the vast majority of us will consistently be pursuing this monstrosity, endeavoring to improve than we are. Regardless of how great we […]

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4 Important Steps to Starting Your Music Career

Despite what you may think from your own experiences, forging a music career is a lot easier than it used to be. Rather than sending off mix tapes to producing companies and hoping that somebody likes what they hear, you have the internet and numerous tools that you can use to get yourself heard. Social […]

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Internet could be the Avenue to greater Music

Should there be one component that everybody uses the net due to its music. With less diversity round the radio and rising album prices, the net has become popular, less pricey, plus a significantly faster alternative to obtain the music you want. In rural America almost everybody has dial-up for Internet making buying music online […]


The Adventures of Bobby Ray – Album Review

Presently when great music is fleeting, and albums have lately one good song, this rap album by B.o.B, also called Bobby Ray, can be a pleasure. The album could signal there exists a completely new rap star coming. Many individuals frequently complain about rap music. They’ll explain it’s just someone speaking, or hollering, obscenities in […]


Album Review – Go Native by Yusuf Azak

My goodness, this man is amazing! Yusuf Azak wowed me once initially initially when i first discovered him within this summer time, now he’s wowed me again – the elusive double-wowy. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to own received the opportunity to hear Yusuf’s approaching album, “Go Native”, right before it’s November twelfth release date. […]