Baby Strange are a Glasgow-based indie outfit dedicated to making hooky, driving guitar music with a dark, nihilistic streak. The three-piece consists of Johnny Madden (guitar/vocals) and the McCann brothers, Connaire and Aidan, on drums and bass respectively.

Together, Baby Strange has put out a couple of winningly engaging D.I.Y. videos, as well as Pure Evil, their debut single. They’re set to make their live debut in Glasgow at the Art School on 27th of October.

Read on to hear Johnny Madden’s thoughts on Slash, nineties rave and cassette tapes.

How did you three get together in the first place?

I’ve known Connaire for years, we live pretty close to each other. Aidan is Connaire’s brother.

Who do you look up to, as a singer and as a guitarist?

I don’t look up to anyone. I don’t like a lot of guitarists, especially people like Slash. If I was to look up to anything it would be someone’s energy.

There’s a line in your first single, Pure Evil, where you say you’re tired of your generation. What do you mean by that?

I’m just not very happy with the way things are around me. I’m not aiming it at one specific thing.

In the video for Pure Evil, there’s a lot of footage of 90′s ravers making shapes, eccie’d out their minds. What attracted you to that imagery?

We’re all huge fans of electronic music and we love everything that comes with it. I love that video, every time I watch it I see someone new in the background having the best time.

You’re going to be releasing Pure Evil as a limited run of fifty cassette tapes. What is it about that format that interests you, as opposed to mp3 or CD?

I never thought I’d release anything on cassette but I was chatting to my friend Phillip at a party and he told me him and his bandmates (PAWS) and some friends run a label called CATH Records and that he’d like to put out the single. I love the idea of it being on cassette. Not everyone owns a cassette player so hopefully people make the extra effort to listen to it. It’ll be worth it.

There’s another band called Baby Strange, from Manchester. Do you think that you could take them in a fist-fight, if push came to shove?

We’ve never heard of them, but yeah. No doubt.

Our 1,507th new band ... Baby Strange | The Jealous PigeonThe Jealous Pigeon said:

[...] The buzz: “Hooky, driving guitar music with a dark, nihilistic streak.” [...]

[...] The buzz: “Hooky, driving guitar music with a dark, nihilistic streak.” [...]

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